Lorne Sederoff is the Director of Channel Development under the Google Local Services team at SearchKings. Working closely with industry coaches, agencies, associations, and manufacturers, he develops efficient digital marketing programs for professional and home service businesses, while staying up to date and a step ahead of any changes to the Google program to give clients a competitive advantage.

In this episode, we talked about local service ads, Google Local Services, SEO, SEM, digital marketing, lead generation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Lorne Sederoff. [1:31]
  • The three major changes to the Google Local Services program. [2:38]
  • Understanding the connection between the Local Services platform and the Google My Business page, and how to take advantage of that. [7:24]
  • Commoditization, automation, and the philosophy behind technology solutions to human problems. [10:08]
  • How SearchKings helps customers with Google’s platforms. [17:05]
  • Focusing more on your customers than on your Google Marketing. [25:35]
  • The value of learning constantly, and staying one step ahead of every change to keep winning on Google’s platforms. [32:17]
  • Why this is not the time to pause your marketing efforts. [36:24]
  • The importance of branding and public relations, and how doing good for others will benefit your company as well. [39:47]
  • Creating your why, and getting your team on board to achieve your goals together. [44:56]
  • Special resources from SearchKings, exclusively for listeners of the Home Service Expert podcast. [51:33]
  • The four algorithms of Google, and how they’ve changed. [52:16]
  • Understanding how a company is valued in the service space. [56:43]
  • Three books on Lorne’s reading list. [1:01:48]
  • Some critical steps business owners need to take right now to dominate Google. [1:06:34]
  • How to get more information about Lorne. [1:07:50]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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