Lorne Sederoff runs a successful SEO agency. As the head of development of the Google Guarantee Program at Search Kings, he is a certified expert at anything and everything there is to do about Google for marketing and lead generation, from its algorithms to its features.

In this episode, we talked about Lead Generation, the Google Guarantee Program, Voice Search…

Show notes

  • Introducing Lorne Sederoff. [1:47]
  • Lorne’s projects over the past year. [2:56]
  • The difficulties involved in the Pinkerton background check process. [5:16]
  • How they figured out the pricing model and how it’s best for the consumer, being the business owner. [7:01]
  • Search Kings’ current working relationship with Google, and how they are able to get things through the door. [9:34]
  • How people can fluctuate the capacity on which they spend on Google. [12:34]
  • His theory and perspective on lead generation. [14:24]
  • His experience on Bing versus Google, as far as the customers are concerned. [17:03]
  • More information on Google’s algorithms. [17:49]
  • The kinds of feedback they are getting from their customers that were recently just added onto the platform for Google Local. [19:46]
  • His thoughts on voice search, how powerful it’s becoming, and his take on the future. [24:07]
  • What he and his team are guaranteeing to the customer via the Google Guarantee Program. [26:47]
  • What he has to say to somebody who goes, “I’ve tried this Google stuff and it just doesn’t pay off for me.” [28:59]
  • Misleading information and practices involving page rankings. [32:10]
  • A few unusual approaches to helping small businesses that listeners can immediately apply and get results from. [33:20]
  • Other references that can vouch for Search Kings. [37:49]
  • His theory on what’s going to happen as all the professionals get on the platform. [39:47]
  • Two books on Lorne’s reading list. [42:47]
  • Lorne’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [44:21]
  • The kind of PPC or SEO company auditing Search Kings can do for customers. [45:01]


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