Lenny Gray is a door-to-door sales expert and the CEO of D2D Millionaire, a business that trains door-to-door sales reps on the most effective and profitable D2D techniques. He is also the author of “Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale,” a collection of sales tactics to help people improve their communication and overall sales skills.

In this episode, we talked about pest control companies, door-to-door sales, first impressions…

Show notes

  • Introducing Lenny Gray. [2:24]
  • The story behind how Lenny began his door-to-door sales journey. [4:40]
  • How to start buying and upkeeping castles. [12:05]
  • Developing a systematic approach to sales vs. natural charm. [15:03]
  • The difference between pest control and garages in terms of closing rates. [20:15]
  • High tickets vs. lower tickets for sales representatives. [22:27]
  • The top three qualifiers for success in door-to-door sales. [24:22]
  • The Switchover Process for sustainability in the pest control industry. [27:11]
  • More strategies on effective door-to-door sales. [33:49]
  • Three R’s of a good door-to-door program. [36:44]
  • Value systems and opportunities for young entrepreneurs. [38:20]
  • Perfecting the initial approach and setting the tone for door-to-door sales. [42:17]
  • Black Friday sales strategies and addressing customer concerns. [47:13]
  • Why you should prioritize qualifying potential customers to save resources. [52:35]
  • Door-to-door marketing as a cost-effective alternative to click ads. [55:43]
  • Clarifying goals and purposes to grow your revenue. [57:35]
  • The importance of giving back and its unexpected benefits. [1:02:56]
  • How to get more information about Lenny. [1:07:10]
  • One book on Lenny’s reading list. [1:08:05]
  • Lenny’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:10:34]


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