Lee Haight is the CEO and owner of RRCA (Roofing & Reconstruction Contractors of America, LLC), a renowned company specializing in commercial roofing restoration services, and is the leader of one of America’s top 25 roofing companies. He has trained over 3000 people in the last three years at SkyDiamonds University, the first online university for roofing contractors. Lee also founded The Blue Collar Empire – a network created to help all home service contractors acquire talent, get customers, and extract profits.

In this episode, we talked about employee management, roofing services, sales coaching…

Show notes

  • Introducing Lee Haight. [2:17]
  • The COVID pandemic’s role in recognizing the blue-collar industry. [4:09]
  • Lee’s journey to becoming an online coach in the roofing industry. [5:39]
  • How generating leads opens opportunities to recruit more salespeople. [6:41]
  • Leadership difficulties as a business owner. [9:08]
  • The role of acquisition in multiple cities for high-profit margins. [12:02]
  • The biggest names are investing in the home service industry. [13:32]
  • Financial discipline and relationship leverage in cash flow management. [17:14]
  • Stress management tips for health and wellness. [19:12]
  • Lee shares a story about an acquisition deal. [23:56]
  • Tommy’s five essential things to focus on in businesses. [25:32]
  • Why some people invest in coaching vs. becoming an expert. [29:36]
  • Lee explains the Blue-Collar American Dream.  [31:59]
  • Upcoming plans for a second follow-up interview. [35:46]

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