Cody Butler is the author of The Definitive Guide To Generating Consulting Clients and The 90-Day Marketing Plan. He has helped over 5000 businesses in instantly impacting revenue growth. 

Peter Lewis is the president of 7XDirect, a firm that specializes in lead generation and advertising whose mission is to provide the best home services marketing that money can buy. 

In this episode, we talked about Facebook marketing, going viral, Google vs Facebook, marketing on a budget…

Show notes

  • Introducing Cody Butler and Peter Lewis. [00:53]
  • Picking one social media platform to master. [03:52]
  • Why Facebook ads work for generating leads. [05:37]
  • Important marketing metrics to measure. [08:54]
  • Maximizing your marketing budget to get quality leads. [09:45]
  • How to improve clicks with great branding. [13:40]
  • Going after virality versus going for consistency in marketing. [18:31]
  • Taking immediate action on great leads.  [23:39]
  • Gauging the quality of leads vs. self-assessment. [26:47]
  • Prioritizing advertising initiatives and charging correctly. [29:30]
  • Taking your hiring process as seriously as your marketing process. [31:22]
  • How to advertise to new employees. [33:30]
  • Growing your social media followers and nurturing them after. [38:37]
  • How home service business owners can come up with effective social media posts. [41:56]
  • How to do effective marketing on a limited budget. [44:50]
  • Advantages and disadvantages to Facebook marketing. [47:40]
  • What to focus on in marketing to grow your home service business. [51:45]
  • Texting as a marketing opportunity. [52:52]
  • The importance of being TCPA-compliant. [53:45]
  • The impact of Facebook restrictions on marketing. [56:02]
  • Google vs. Facebook marketing. [57:05]
  • Cody’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:57]
  • Peter’s big announcement. [1:05:24]
  • Peter’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners.[1:06:37]

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