Larry Levine is the bestselling author of Selling From The Heart. Over the course of three decades’ worth of professional experience in the technology industry, Larry has successfully sold office technology, document management solutions, and managed services to a wide range of customers from small and big businesses alike.

In this episode, we talked about sales, brand awareness, client relationships…

Show notes

  • Introducing Larry Levine. [1:27]
  • Who Larry is and what he does. [2:54]
  • How to break the ugly stereotype attached to sales, and how to turn customers into raving fans. [7:20]
  • Larry’s process for getting referrals and finding new prospects through networking. [8:50]
  • Why it’s not actually about the price, but the quality and reliability of the service you deliver. [14:30]
  • Self-branding: How to properly prospect the people you want to forge relationships with—and how to get in front of them. [19:18]
  • What it means to “get into the heart of it and dig deep.” [26:54]
  • Creating the “Disneyland experience” for clients, and why that’s important in relationship-building. [35:03]
  • Why we should be considering how to rehumanize what so many have dehumanized. [43:20]
  • How to find employees who care (and how to teach employees to care). [44:18]
  • How to get your employees to want what you talk about and to work for someone elsel. [47:35]
  • Three books on Larry’s reading list. [51:48]
  • How to get more information about Larry. [54:25]
  • Larry’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [55:25]

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