Larry Janesky is the founder & CEO of Basement Systems Inc. and its sister companies that cumulatively bring in $100M annual revenue. In this episode, we talked about hiring great employees, marketing strategies, leadership skills…

Show Notes

  • Introducing Larry Janesky. [00:35]
  • Why Larry thinks that your team needs to come first before your customers. [06:05]
  • The fundamental belief that Larry has and teaches to others. [8:17]
  • How would Larry get the right people in his business? [9:11]
  • The 7-step hiring process that Larry teaches in his program, School of Entrepreneurship. [12:25]
  • The mistake Larry thinks many entrepreneurs make when hiring. [17:34]
  • How Larry hires these days vs. how he would hire if he runs a small company. [23:27]
  • The most important kind of marketing in Larry’s opinion. [29:25]
  • Why business leaders don’t need to be tech / IT experts. [32:42]
  • The most important thing that business leaders should do. [38:40]
  • Larry’s advice on building long-lasting, profitable businesses. [44:03]
  • What would Larry do if he has to start all over again as an entrepreneur? [51:25]
  • Larry’s leadership secrets behind making his company Basement systems as one of the top workplaces in Connecticut [55:35]
  • The reason Larry picks up toilet paper bits in his company washroom even as CEO. [59:33]
  • What Larry recommends and doesn’t recommend wearing in business. [1:03:25]
  • Larry’s suggestion on growing a business step by step for the long run. [1:05:55]

Resources and People Mentioned

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