Kody Bateman is the founder and chief visionary officer of SendOutCards, an international greeting card company that presents busy professionals with an innovative way to maintain deep business and personal connections via the digital medium. He shares his wisdom, gained from years of experience in the professional and entrepreneurial arenas, with audiences worldwide as a speaker and author.

In this episode, we talked about relationship marketing, entrepreneurship, personal development and marketing strategies…

Show notes

  • Introducing Kody Bateman. [1:06]
  • More information about Kody, and how SendOutCards started. [2:26]
  • An overview of what SendOutCards is and how it all works. [6:15]
  • Why SendOutCards is so effective. [10:53]
  • How Sendogo works, and how it can help build better business relationships. [16:23]
  • What it means to send a heartfelt card, even with automation. [17:59]
  • What Kody would have done differently during the early stages of his entrepreneurial journey. [22:20]
  • Why building relationships is just as important as — if not more important than — accumulating money. [32:05]
  • How to successfully manage and balance work and life relationships. [35:41]
  • How to focus your energies and find your core purpose through affirmations and keywords. [39:10]
  • What being a “chief visionary officer” really means. [47:26]
  • How to get more information about Kody. [52:46]
  • Three books on Kody’s reading list. [55:10]
  • Kody’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [56:23]

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