Kevin Wilson is the CEO and President at Buzz Franchise Brands, the multi-brand franchising company that’s home to well-recognized home service brands, such as Mosquito Joe, Pool Scouts, and Home Clean Heroes. Buzz Franchise Brands was named as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2017, while Mosquito Joe has received several awards, including the prestigious FBR50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review. In this episode, we talked about marketing, hiring, franchising…

Note: Since this interview was conducted, Buzz Franchise Brands sold the Mosquito Joe business. They continue to operate Pool Scouts and Home Clean Heroes, which are both franchising, and intend to continue launching new brands in the years ahead.

Show notes

  • Introducing Kevin Wilson. [00:30]
  • How Kevin got into the home service industry. [01:00]
  • The most important lesson Kevin learned from working for Fortune 500 firm Bain and Co. [05:02]
  • Kevin shares his game plan on how to build a winning franchise. [11:19]
  • How Kevin successfully put together the team of A-players responsible for launching his company. [14:43]
  • One way to incentivize high-performing employees. [16:21]
  • How the Mosquito Joe franchise business works. [22:48]
  • What is a net promoter score and why it’s important to home service business owners and investors. [26:12]
  • Three most important numbers that investors will look at in your business. [28:28]
  • Kevin reveals the level of support they provide their franchisees. [29:03]
  • How much franchisees spend on marketing. [33:47]
  • Kevin’s process for hiring great talent. [37:47]
  • The four biggest sources of leads for Mosquito Joe. [42:09]
  • How branding can set you apart from the big players and competitors in your industry. [44:25]
  • How creative direct mail marketing can be a powerful way to stay top of mind with prospects and clients. [47:02]
  • What Buzz Franchise Brands is doing differently to keep their employees engaged. [51:45]
  • Where to get more information about Kevin and Buzz Franchise Brands. [56:55]
  • A must-read book on Kevin’s reading list. [58:07]


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