Despite coming from a tough background, Kenny scaled his own successful plumbing company from scratch. Now, he focuses on changing the average blue collar’s mindset through coaching. In this episode, we talked about business systems, growth mindset…

Show Notes

  • Introducing Kenny Chapman. [00:35]
  • The underrated reason most entrepreneurs should go into business. [03:06]
  • Kenny’s early years. [08:07]
  • Why Kenny thinks work life balance is a “fallacy.” [12:30]
  • What advice would Kenny give when it comes to building the right business systems and processes? [18:05]
  • A scalability exercise Tommy recommends. [22:30] 
  • The mistake most entrepreneurs make when managing people. [27:40]
  • Kenny’s opinion about hiring Millennials in home service businesses. [30:22]
  • How Tommy gets so many 5-star reviews for his business. [33:40]
  • The one tool that helps Kenny manage and grow his business’s operations effectively. [36:21]
  • Key mindsets of successful entrepreneurs. [42:13]
  • Dominate your market first, then chase other markets. [51:40]
  • The no. 1 productivity killer. [55:21]
  • 3 factors that home service businesses should consider when going into new markets. [59:41]
  • The biggest marketing mistake that Kenny made. [1:03:11]
  • Kenny’s thoughts on Google Home Services (now known as Local Services) and HomeAdvisor. [1:07:51]
  • What C.H.A.N.G.E stands for in Kenny’s book. [01:10:31]
  • Why you need to solve all your customer problems in one visit. [01:13:19]
  • Kenny introduces Blue Collar Success Group. [01:16:52]

Resources and People Mentioned

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