Ken Haines was appointed CEO of the Wrench Group in 2016, transitioning from his role as the owner and CEO of Coolray, which he held since 2003. Ken brings with him 44 years of experience in the home services industry. Since becoming CEO of Wrench Group, Ken’s leadership has guided the company to become one of the largest, non-franchised home services companies in the United States, growing the organization from $165 million to $1 billion in 6 years.

In this episode, we talked about mergers and acquisitions, business growth, leadership, marketing, equity…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ken Haines. [00:57]
  • Ken’s experience during the transition period of CoolRay. [03:03]
  • The fundamentals of Ken’s acquisition style. [04:38]
  • Thoughts on how to persuade potential business partners. [07:17]
  • Ken’s take on the different acquisition strategies. [11:44]
  • Employees on different pay grades per market. [20:47]
  • People that became a catalyst for Ken’s growth. [29:57]
  • Understanding the concept of a REIT and an EBIT. [32:49]
  • Dealing with Equity Incentive Programs. [48:33]
  • The meaning of arbitrage. [58:50]
  • How to get more information about Ken. [01:03:00]
  • Ken’s reading list. [01:03:25]
  • Ken’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [01:08:17]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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