Kelly Keenan is the founder of Brand Story Experts, an advertising agency that specializes in merging marketing and culture development to bring out the best potential of their client and partner organizations. He also trademarked the Culture Development Marketing process that centers on the 3-P principle, which involves the defining of the three core components of a story: Attitude, Drive, and Direction. In September 2021, he released a book titled “Everyone Is An “Influencer”: Building A Brand By Engaging The People Who Matter Most.”

In this episode, we talked about marketing, branding, storytelling, recruitment, influencers, culture development…

Show notes

  • Introducing Kelly Keenan. [1:34]
  • Kelly talks about how he started Brand Story Experts. [4:28]
  • Understanding a company’s story to set it up for success. [6:49]
  • The importance of customer reviews and how to cultivate these. [8:39]
  • How Brand Story Experts come up with stories that can relate to customers. [12:34]
  • Three ways to build people’s trust. [13:53]
  • What the brand story is all about. [15:11]
  • Educating the people with your company’s culture through recruitment films. [24:51]
  • How the All In App works. [29:07]
  • Why a monthly newsletter is no longer effective for communication within the company. [30:21]
  • How engagements help marketers identify the next steps to accomplish. [35:22] 
  • What influencer marketing is all about. [36:16]
  • Gathering all the brand’s attributes to build a great story. [39:00] 
  • The most important part of A1’s story that attracts potential employees. [41:26]
  • Kelly talks about his book  “Everyone Is An “Influencer”: Building A Brand By Engaging The People Who Matter Most.” [48:21] 
  • Why celebrating your story is the greatest business opportunity you can have. [48:39]
  • How to get more information about Kelly. [51:59]
  • Three books on Kelly’s reading list. [52:54]
  • The relationship between the visual and storytelling aspects in branding. [55:09]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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