Keith Mercurio is currently the Senior Director of Executive Success at ServiceTitan and is the Founder/CEO of Ethical Influence Global. For more than seven years, he was the Director of Training for Nexstar Network, wherein he built and refined over 20 transformational training programs, oversaw the development of a 15-person training staff, conducted over 120 events per year, and trained 7,000 people annually.

In this episode, we talked about coaching, public speaking tips, relationships…

Show notes

  • Introducing Keith Mercurio. [2:27]
  • What Keith has been up to since his last time on the podcast. [3:38]
  • Tips and techniques for public speaking. [6:09]
  • The dangers of needing to be right and the benefits of embracing wrongness. [16:51]
  • Understanding the importance of your “why”. [23:17]
  • Tommy shares his “why” and how he made this mission profitable. [26:56]
  • Why entrepreneurs are always chasing something. [32:12]
  • The hardest part about acquisitions. [38:14]
  • The concept of fear as the biggest motivator for people. [40:24]
  • Giving away the information and selling implementation. [46:23]
  • Finding out your superpower in business. [56:44]
  • Demonstrating value in your role every day. [1:01:35]
  • Listening is the most powerful skill any person can build. [1:06:46]
  • Why you should examine everything and challenge current beliefs. [1:12:47]
  • How to become a more influential, persuasive, and effective leader. [1:17:03]
  • Figuring out that you can’t make everybody happy. [1:20:47]
  • The message Keith wants to leave in this world. [1:22:34]
  • Why Tommy started writing down his goals. [1:23:50]
  • The story behind Keith’s father’s legacy and his philosophy in life. [1:26:12]

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