Keith Mercurio is the Senior Director of Executive Success of ServiceTitan, and CEO & Founder at Ethical Influence Global. Keith has spoken to nearly 20,000 people on the topics of leadership, influence, sales, and personal development. He has guided over 600 businesses and transformed their own leadership identity and led unprecedented growth for their teams.

In this episode, we talked about coaching, training, leadership development, decision making, personal development…

Show notes

  • Introducing Keith Mercurio. [00:58]
  • Keith’s journey in coaching. [02:38]
  • How ServiceTitan grew because of its partners. [10:12]
  • The difference between Keith and Julian Scadden’s leadership styles. [13:23]
  • Keith’s thoughts on the label natural born leaders. [18:31]
  • Insights on the dysfunctions of a company. [22:45]
  • Key takeaways in leadership. [28:46]
  • What one should do in coaching behaviors. [33:36]
  • Sharing insights on what Keith learned throughout his years in coaching. [39:35]
  • The proper mindset in decision-making. [47:41]
  • How Tommy influences other people through his podcast. [58:41]
  • Why Keith works with other people. [1:12:19]
  • How to get more information about Keith. [01:20:41]
  • Three books on Keith’s reading list. [01:21:16]
  • Keith’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [01:23:20]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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