Keith Kalfas is the host of the Untrapped podcast and a social media influencer in the  landscaping & window cleaning markets. He is also the owner of Kalfas Services, where he grew the business from zero to a six figure-income in just five years. In this episode, we talked about video marketing, pricing, mindset…

Show notes

  • Introducing Keith Kalfas. [00:30]
  • How Keith became an influencer in two markets. [01:44]
  • Keith reveals the biggest business challenge he faced, and how he overcame it. [05:03]
  • How Keith started attracting the right clients and firing the wrong ones. [06:44]
  • Why it’s important to determine your customer avatar. [08:46]
  • Keith’s important advice to business owners who have yet to learn the right skills to grow their business. [13:17]
  • How to leverage relationships in business. [18:50]
  • How having a niche and specializing can help your business skyrocket to success. [20:22]
  • What the anti-guru effect is, and how you can use it to position yourself in your industry. [24:15]
  • Why human connection is more important than any viral content marketing strategy. [30:32]
  • Controlling the perception of your customers; Why perception is reality. [37:43]
  • Why you have to build a business to sell. [39:45]
  • How improving accountability in your workplace can transform your business. [42:45]
  • Why knowing your employees’ love language in the workplace is important. [46:33]
  • Five books on Keith’s reading list. [49:10]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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