Tommy Mello is the author of Home Service Millionaire and the founder of A1 Garage Doors, a $40 million-plus home service business with over 200 employees in 9 states. Through and the Home Service Expert podcast, Tommy shares his learnings and insights to help fellow entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

In this episode, we answered some of our listeners’ most pressing questions about recruitment, business expansion, customer relationships, acquisition, marketing, and more…

Show notes

  • Introducing the June 2021 Q&A episode [1:25]
  • What’s new in Tommy’s world. [2:10]
  • Techniques for getting in front of A-players to start recruiting them. [3:45]
  • Dealing with non-competes when recruiting talent from competitors. [8:20]
  • The best workaround on workers’ comp. [12:50]
  • How to improve the payroll process to make it faster. [16:45]
  • Handling a customer with buyer’s remorse. [19:38]
  • Choosing between Google ads and Google LSA as a better use of advertising dollars. [24:20]
  • Repurposing existing content for social media marketing. [27:00]
  • Audible books you should download. [32:00]
  • When a startup should invest into an actual brick and mortar building versus trying to work out of a garage or home. [33:15]
  • What criteria needs to be tracked to be certain a business will support expansion. [36:10]
  • How to get suppliers to spill which companies up for acquisition have a good customer base. [40:42]
  • Effective marketing for expanding a small radon business. [46:02]
  • Laws in certain states that make it hard for businesses to expand and thrive. [47:47]
  • The first thing to improve for a small company (CRM versus operations manual). [49:40]
  • What Tommy’s day looks like. [51:55]
  • Tommy’s favorite book. [57:10]
  • Thoughts on going into debt to start a business. [1:00:36]
  • Final thoughts for listeners. [1:03:10]


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