Joshua Kim is the founder and CEO of 7a Accelerator, a company that provides consultations, resources, and concierge-style assistance for business owners on capital solutions and securing the right SBA lender. By leveraging $2.5M+ in SBA 7(a) financing, he purchased his first businesses at 19 and 20 years old. A transactional entrepreneur, he is an expert in M&A and government-guaranteed financial instruments.

In this episode, we talked about entrepreneurship, management, leadership, finance…

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I know that not having cash to invest in your growth can be a massive problem for most home service businesses out there. That’s why today I want to introduce you to our partner, Joshua Kim, who helps home service businesses get SBA loans of up to $10M with a very low-interest rate. Click on the link below to learn more:

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Show notes

  • Introducing Joshua Kim. [1:00]
  • More information about Joshua. [2:22]
  • Why now is a great time to borrow money. [4:30]
  • How COVID-19 accelerated the demise of certain businesses – and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing. [6:40]
  • Beliefs and misconceptions that are prevalent today about financing. [8:55]
  • New loan incentives that many people haven’t heard about. [11:55]
  • The kinds of businesses and needs likely to be granted an SBA loan. [13:34]
  • More information about the SBA and its prerequisites. [15:01]
  • When and why the SBA was formed. [16:17]
  • The paperwork one should prepare for an SBA loan. [18:12]
  • Why some people are afraid of SBA financing. [19:35]
  • More information about the overall process. [20:08]
  • What a business owner can do to improve the chances of getting an SBA loan. [23:00]
  • Some of Joshua’s clients’ success stories? [25:55]
  • The means test. [27:40]
  • More information about FinTech. [28:38]
  • Interest rates, payments due, and interest years for these loans.[34:10]
  • What motivates Joshua to work with borrowers. [36:43]
  • How to get more information about Joshua. [38:51]
  • Thoughts on inflation in the post-pandemic era. [40:50]
  • Three books on Joshua’s reading list. [45:07]
  • Joshua’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [45:30]

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