Josh Latimer is the Co-Founder of and the CEO of He and his wife Ashlee are absentee owners of a multi-million dollar SaaS software company and own equity in 7 other successful ventures ranging from local home services, commercial real estate, marketing, and video production. Josh has spoken on over 100 stages and created over 100 millionaires by working directly with small business owners. He is also the host of the Quick Talk Podcast.

In this episode, we talked about smart marketing, new business mindsets, selling strategies…

Show notes

  • Introducing Josh Latimer. [2:13]
  • Involving your family in your journey to business success. [6:08]
  • Struggles for small enterprises and visions for the future. [8:29]
  • Enhancing leadership skills to create a better work environment. [14:32]
  • Fear, beliefs, and implementation for success. [19:59]
  • Pricing strategies and the most optimal rates in the home service industry. [25:35]
  • The story behind Red Bull’s success and value creation. [26:50]
  • Moving back to the basics of affiliate marketing. [29:03]
  • Taking action towards business goals over talking about them. [34:18]
  • Handling recessions and managing pressure. [38:50]
  • Building a business to sell for greater profit. [43:24]
  • The importance of keeping faith in growing your company. [51:22]
  • Why better parenting cultivates wealth and legacy. [57:29]
  • A deep dive into factors affecting personal growth. [1:01:47]
  • The crucial role of parenting in child development. [1:03:53]
  • When to start shifting your mindset for rapid growth. [1:07:15]
  • The process of finding and hiring great employees. [1:14:13]
  • Two books on Josh’s reading list. [1:21:55]
  • How to get more information about Josh. [1:23:51]
  • Josh’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:24:45]

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