Josh Kelly is the CEO of Clover Marketing and Consulting, as well as the host of the LIP Service For Contractors podcast. He teaches home service business owners how to consistently grow companies from seven figures all the way up to nine figures. He has helped his own family business, a local heating, cooling and plumbing company in Phoenix, grow from $7 million to $175 million in just 14 years. He has been featured on stages with Zig Ziglar Foundation, Dave Yoho, and the EGIA, as well as on major platforms like CBS, Fox and NBC.

In this episode, we talked about conversion rates, competitive pricing, effective marketing, company culture, growing your business…

Show notes

  • Introducing Josh Kelly. [00:54]
  • More information about Josh. [02:45]
  • Josh’s business background, and spotting opportunities for business growth. [05:24]
  • Why getting high conversion rates is important. [08:38]
  • Branded vs. non branded conversion rates. [11:12]
  • The importance of following up after the sale. [14:40]
  • Having a fully automated sales recovery system. [17:29]
  • Financing, and how it impacts conversion rates. [20:19]
  • Pricing based on value delivery. [28:38]
  • Focused competitive pricing. [29:38]
  • The right time to grow in a new market. [32:17]
  • The science and art of marketing. [37:07]
  • The process of bringing small businesses to the next level. [40:13]
  • Building the right culture and hiring the best people. [46:57]
  • More about the Dare to Compare recruiting tool. [50:41]
  • Preparing for business opportunities and changes in technology. [52:09]
  • Being open to knowing your business’ weaknesses. [58:55]
  • Growing your business organically. [1:02:41]
  • Turning middle performers into top performers. [1:06:15]
  • How to get more information about Josh. [1:09:40]
  • Three books on Josh’s reading list. [1:10:37]
  • Josh’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:12:56]


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