Josh Elizetxe is an internet advertising veteran who started his impressive entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13. He has since built an 8-figure online business portfolio, and is currently a sought-after company advisor and angel investor in the advertising and technology industries. In this episode, we talked about influencer marketing, hiring, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing Josh Elizetxe. [00:30]
  • Josh talks about the MVP Experience, and what it’s like being on the show. [01:35]
  • What influencer marketing is, and how does it work in the home service industry. [03:56]
  • How Josh got started and became who he is today. [08:26]
  • What a marketing funnel is, and why your home service business needs it. [13:32]
  • How to create a funnel that connects with you target customers at every single touch point. [13:56]
  • How using text messaging can get you a 30-40% response rate. [22:39]
  • Where should small business owners start with their marketing. [23:09]
  • Why retargeting and follow-up is crucial in business. [23:57]
  • How can non-marketing-savvy business owners get started. [26:30]
  • The two things Josh looks at when he’s buying websites and businesses. [29:37]
  • How your customer service and marketing should adapt to the needs of customers today. [32:43]
  • Why data is powerful in business, and how it can help you personalize your marketing. [39:46]
  • Out-of-the-box tips on how you can get more qualified talents applying to work for you. [44:02]
  • Two books on Josh’s reading list. [48:44]
  • Josh’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [50:08]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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