Josh is the founder and CEO of Direct Movement Group, a multimillion-dollar custom home building and remodeling business based in Florida. He is the first contractor to reach millionaire status on online platform Thumbtack, which matches customers with local professionals for projects. In this episode, we talked about leadership, sales, networking…

Show notes

  • Introducing Josh Downing. [00:30]
  • How to generate leads with zero marketing spend by establishing your business on these two websites. [02:53]
  • How Josh became the first contractor to make a million dollars on Thumbtack. [05:00]
  • Why you should never offer a price as a first response to potential clients. [05:56]
  • A good close ratio to target. [14:04]
  • Josh’s biggest challenge, and how he overcame it. [17:49]
  • The one problem most business owners encounter when it comes to juggling work-life balance. [23:39]
  • Josh reveals how sending one email set him up for success. [24:52]
  • What Josh wish someone told him about cash management. [29:07]
  • What has changed for Josh and his team since he started his business in 2014. [34:38]
  • How to categorize which stage you’re at in business. [41:05]
  • The questions to ask when networking. [44:50]
  • The three books on Josh’s reading list. [48:34]
  • Josh’s most important piece of advice to business owners. [53:52]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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