Joseph Sheehan is the owner of Colony Pest Management, Inc. and the co-host of the Colony Confidential podcast. In 2003, after working for his father Ed’s company—a part-time position he held since he was five years old—he established Colony. Since then it has grown to $2.5 million in yearly sales by providing essential pest management services all over the New York Tri State area.

In this episode, we talked about pest control, customer service, team building, strategic planning, small business, environmental awareness…

Show notes

  • Introducing Joseph Sheehan. [1:33]
  • More about Joseph’s upbringing as an entrepreneur, and what got him into home service and pest control. [2:39]
  • The difference between the typical plumbing/HVAC company and a pest control service. [9:24]
  • Why the only way to grow is to let your margins drop. [13:11]
  • What Joseph’s day to day looks like now in comparison to 10 or 15 years ago. [19:22]
  • Working on your business vs. working in your business, and why it’s an issue Joseph and his father disagreed on. [21:28]
  • Why you should strive to build a company around relationships instead of relying on marketing. [27:15]
  • Why having specialists focused on one task or process in your team is more beneficial to your team in the long run than having generalists or multitaskers. [38:11]
  • Some of the challenges that are unique in running a business in the pest control industry. [40:15]
  • Some secrets and golden nuggets of wisdom when it comes to hiring and managing relationships. [47:58]
  • Why you should focus on building a place where people would actually want to come to work. [56:12]
  • More information about the Colony Confidential Podcast. [59:08]
  • Three books on Joseph’s reading list. [1:04:56]
  • How to get more information about Joseph. [1:07:42]
  • Joseph’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:08:34]

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