Jonathan Whistman is the CEO of PerceptionPredict, an organization composed of a pool of data scientists and leading experts that focuses on building high performance sales teams through human-centered data-driven AI models. He is also the Founding Partner of The Sales Boss, a sales consultancy built around the concepts of his International Best Selling Book, “The Sales Boss: The Real Secret to Hiring, Training and Managing a Sales Team.”

In this episode, we talked about hiring, profiling, interviews, leadership, performance assessment…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jonathan Whistman. [01:16]
  • How to effectively manage high-performing salespeople. [04:36]
  • Deconstructing how one’s psychographics contribute to performance. [06:20]
  • How PerceptionPredict did its assessment with A1. [08:00]
  • What PerceptionPredict found out with their assessment with Samsung retail store associates. [10:18]
  • Using actual performance data to accurately assess employee performance. [11:39]
  • The importance of taking the entirety of your hiring process. [13:52]
  • Why most employees consider moving into a leadership role at some point in their career. [18:00]
  • Engaging with employees in the right manner to influence their mindset. [19:10] 
  • The number one thing employers should ask themselves upon hiring someone. [26:07]
  • How “healthy conflicts” drive performance and open necessary conversations for the team. [28:54]
  • Getting employees to self-identify to measure what to focus on. [32:38]
  • How “superstar” employees usually assess their performance in the workplace. [39:39]
  • An interesting exercise that business leaders can do. [45:25]
  • Hiring employees who are eager to have self-growth. [49:10]
  • How to run interviews more systematically to weed out potentially bad hires. [55:40]
  • The five truths about humans. [1:00:22]
  • Why leaders in some organizations refuse to coach their people. [1:02:51]
  • Holding people accountable for losing employees they’ve hired. [1:07:00]
  • How to get more information about Jonathan. [1:07:40]
  • A book on Jonathan’s reading list. [1:12:33]
  • Jonathan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:14:58]

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