John Corcoran is the co-founder of Rise25, LLC. He runs, and has been publishing the Smart Business Revolution podcast since 2012. A writer for Forbes, Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Art of Manliness, Entrepreneur and many more, he landed a job as a Writer in the Clinton White House, without having any insider connections.

In this episode, we talked about entrepreneurship, networking, blogging, small business, business strategy…

Show notes

  • Introducing John Corcoran. [1:24]
  • John’s journey as an entrepreneur and podcaster. [2:38]
  • All about the Smart Business Revolution podcast: what it is and how it works. [3:49]
  • The basics of why you would want to start a podcast. [6:53]
  • How unfiltered authenticity draws people to even the strangest, most niche type of content. [9:27]
  • The biggest obstacle that he had to overcome when it came to networking. [12:42]
  • Some of the common mistakes of a beginner podcaster. [14:48]
  • Why you can use the same podcasting strategies for B2C and B2B. [17:56]
  • What the unique benefits of podcasting are. [21:51]
  • How to organize everything about a podcast and start to really put a plan together. [25:56]
  • How people listen to podcast episodes, and why they don’t necessarily listen in order. [29:29]
  • How to determine the right frequency of episode releases. [34:09]
  • Whether or not you should monitor your podcast episode downloads. [37:00]
  • Three quick tips to make networking a little bit easier. [41:26]
  • Interesting experiences John has had while creating his podcasts. [43:22]
  • How to get more information about John. [45:10]
  • Three books on John’s reading list. [45:55]
  • John’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [47:46]

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