John Akhoian is the Founder and CEO of Rooter Hero, a plumbing repair and installation service company. As an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry, he relies on old-fashioned marketing techniques to promote his business, which now has several locations across California and Arizona. John is also the author of “99 Millionaires,” “The Secret to Real Wealth,” and “Values First: Principle-Driven Leadership”.

In this episode, we talked about budget allocation, profit-sharing, leadership, culture-building, employee training…

Show notes

  • Introducing John Akhoian. [2:13]
  • How John grew in the plumbing service industry. [7:45]
  • Why business owners should focus on incentive programs and training. [12:18]
  • Running a business in California with a focus on legal challenges. [14:21]
  • What to consider when handling private equity investment. [18:59]
  • Marketing strategies and employee engagement. [23:24]
  • The power of open book management. [26:54]
  • Budget allocation and introducing software development. [31:10]
  • John’s view on service agreements and financing. [35:32]
  • The number one tip John would give his younger self. [40:15]
  • The story behind the book titled “99 Millionaires.” [43:37]
  • Applying your KPIs to transform work into wealth. [47:48] 
  • Parenting tips from a successful businessman. [51:15]
  • The importance of education and career planning in life. [54:59]
  • Tommy talks about franchise models and business success. [58:27]
  • Failing forward and taking risks in business structures. [1:03:16]
  • Four books on John’s reading list. [1:05:14]
  • Tommy reads an insightful poem about habits. [1:06:44]
  • How to get more information about John. [1:08:54]
  • John’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:11:08]

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