John Akhoian is the founder of Rooter Hero, a plumbing and rooter service company with 14 locations across California and Arizona. Initially widening the reach of his business through old-fashioned marketing techniques, John now utilizes various media platforms to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness. Before establishing Rooter Hero, he owned and operated a home service franchise for over two decades. He is also the author of three books: Creating 99 Millionaires, The Secret to Real Wealth, and Values First: Principle Driven Leadership.

In this episode, we talked about negotiation, business planning, coaching, team building, mergers & acquisitions, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing John Akhoian. [1:32]
  • More about John’s background and what his plans are for the future. [3:16]
  • John’s goals for his business, Rooter Hero. [5:50]
  • Why professionals in the industry should be constantly learning new skills and preparing for the future. [6:43]
  • The differences between his business and the franchise he used to operate, and the lessons he learned from running a franchise that he has been able to apply to his business. [9:00]
  • What John is doing to really excel at marketing and keep those customers coming in. [11:35]
  • How John views social media, and why he uses it for marketing. [13:39]
  • The best way to train and produce great employees. [14:50]
  • The “magic number” in terms of setting goals for incentives. [16:44]
  • Explaining Rooter Hero’s “Five Keys” philosophy. [17:56]
  • Rooter Hero’s approach to providing service options to customers. [21:42]
  • The potential for expanding beyond plumbing and incorporating electrical and HVAC at some point. [24:58]
  • What John does with his employees to teach them about financial planning. [26:14]
  • John’s philosophy on mergers and acquisitions, and stories of one that went well and one that didn’t. [28:21]
  • What John watches out for when he’s looking for an acquisition, and what businesses that are thinking about selling in the next five years should focus on. [31:22]
  • How ServiceTitan changed John’s business. [34:37]
  • John’s advice for people who think that ServiceTitan and other CRM systems are great,  but too expensive. [41:48]
  • Three books on John’s reading list. [43:52]
  • More details about John’s books. [52:22]
  • How to get more information about John. [49:04]
  • John’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [49:37]

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