John has been hailed as the “Peter Drucker of Small Business Marketing tactics.” He’s been a marketing consultant to small business owners for thirty years, a renowned speaker, and author of several marketing and business books, including Duct Tape Marketing. In this episode, we talked about small business marketing strategies, productivity, getting more referrals for your business…

Show Notes

  • Introducing John Jantsch. [00:35]
  • How to effectively avoid getting distracted by shiny new tactics and ideas.[02:35]
  • John’s advice on how you can make your competition irrelevant. [03:40]
  • What Duct Tape Marketing really means. [04:00]
  • The one hurdle that many business owners fall trap to. [05:55]
  • How to stay more organized and ensure more productivity out of your day. [06:17]
  • How to find an agency or a consultant you can trust. [11:29]
  • The biggest mistake that a lot of business owners commit when they get into marketing. [13:00]
  • The most likely reason why your qualified prospects are not turning into sales. [16:25]
  • The importance of branding in a digital world. [18:42]
  • Why some businesses are getting better click through rates than others. [19:17]
  • One effective marketing approach that not a lot of businesses are doing right now. [21:03]
  • How to create strategic partnerships to get referrals from other businesses. [22:15]
  • Why having a CRM is important in the home service industry. [24:42]
  • The factors to consider when choosing a CRM software that’s right for you. [25:29]
  • How to get customers to look forward to your emails in their inbox. [28:07]
  • The crucial steps in creating your customer avatar. [30:47]
  • John’s thoughts on service contracts, and why they’re important for your home service business. [34:38]
  • The important questions to ask when creating your marketing strategy. [36:17]
  • The first things you need to do with your search engine marketing to bring in customers within the first 30 days. [39:49]
  • The referral strategy you can implement to make it easy for customers to refer business to you. [42:03]
  • John shares some direct mail marketing tips and strategies. [45:50]
  • When and how to approach new technology and tactics in a distracted world. [47:47]
  • John talks about his five books, and the one that would resonate most with professionals in the home service industry. [49:18]
  • Other book recommendations from John. [51:20]

Resources And People Mentioned

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