Joel Weldon is a seasoned professional speaker with a remarkable career spanning over four decades. He is an executive speech coach and keynote speaker at Joel Weldon’s Ultimate Speaking System and “Success Comes In Cans,” a custom corporate seminar for sales and leadership coaching. Impressively, Joel is a recipient of the coveted Communication & Leadership Award and The Golden Gavel, the highest honor in the speaking profession, reserved for only the most outstanding communicators.

In this episode, we talked about public speaking, business strategies, people skills…

Show notes

  • Introducing Joel Weldon. [1:14]
  • Joel’s opinion on the best growth strategies for small businesses. [5:21]
  • Some of the biggest names that Joel has collaborated with. [12:13]
  • Reasons why business success relies on both quality and consistency. [14:03]
  • Walt Disney’s story and how this can inspire entrepreneurs. [19:15]
  • Creating exceptional customer experiences through small details. [23:15]
  • Effective communication in business operations. [29:59]
  • Using language to increase chances of sales success. [32:34]
  • Leadership, public speaking, and meeting culture. [36:39]
  • Overcoming fear is always the first step in public speaking. [42:44]
  • The power of storytelling in increasing audience involvement. [48:40]
  • How to start setting healthy goals. [53:01]
  • Attaining personal growth through combining knowledge and faith. [56:03]
  • How to get more information about Joel. [1:00:22]


Resources And People Mentioned:


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