Joe Cunningham has been in the HVAC industry since the ‘80s. This multi-awarded HVAC consultant has held various leadership positions at the Technical Arts Center, Successtrack Network, and even the Small Business Advisory Council under President George Bush.

In this episode, we talked about Recruitment, Marketing, Training…

Show notes

  • Introducing Joe Cunningham. [1:28]
  • A little bit about his history and how he got into the HVAC industry. [2:52]
  • The first thing he does when assessing and assisting a company. [4:56]
  • His approach to hiring employees for the long term. [8:06]
  • Existing bookkeeping technologies for businesses in the HVAC industry. [11:10]
  • His thoughts on how to price HVAC services properly. [13:30]
  • Why every single business owner seems to think they need to find experienced people in the HVAC or garage door or electric business. [18:00]
  • How to get companies more involved in service agreements, and how to teach them the importance of said agreements. [21:45]
  • How to get people to work on their business and not in it. [24:33]
  • His thoughts on what would be a really good price to pay a recruiter. [29:28]
  • What 90% of the companies in the industry are really missing. [31:50]
  • Where to find the best bang for the buck in terms of marketing dollars. [35:40]
  • His thoughts on branding. [41:00]
  • How to differentiate oneself in a marketplace. [43:12]
  • His take on manuals and actually applying them every day. [47:53]
  • His take on whether home warranty calls are a good play or not. [51:22]
  • The importance of tracking and knowing one’s numbers. [54:50]
  • Information on his training program, and what sets it apart from the others. [56:22]
  • Best practices in upselling. [1:04:20]
  • How to get more information about Joe. [1:07:38]
  • Three books on Joe’s reading list. [1:08:20]
  • Joe’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:11:47]


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