Joe Crisara is a worldwide sales educator, and entrepreneur, and has earned the title of America’s Service Sales Coach, He combines 40 years of contracting experience with strong expertise in performing “Pure Motive Service.” He co-developed a sales educational firm and website for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service contractors,, that helps thousands of owners, managers, service techs, and salespeople in the home service industry.

In this episode, we talked about customer services, garage doors, selling strategies…

Show notes

  • Introducing Joe Crisara. [1:57]
  • Why you should start creating multiple options for your clients. [4:45]
  • The role of gratitude and mentorship in sales. [10:46]
  • How Joe approaches personal development and self-improvement. [13:40]
  • Insights on sales, marketing, and branding hierarchy. [17:30]
  • The five most important things you can do after the doorbell rings. [20:26]
  • Believing in one’s business and its value to increase sales. [21:34]
  • Writing a book in the author’s voice for more engaging stories. [25:39]
  • Why great home service companies should focus on people and systems. [29:29]
  • Taking responsibility and questioning beliefs to achieve success. [34:31]
  • Levels of learning, belief systems, and unconscious competence. [39:40]
  • Pricing and communication skills for service-based businesses. [42:58]
  • Charging higher prices for better services. [46:20]
  • Garage door quality and purchasing decisions. [50:55]
  • The importance of providing value and building trust in sales. [53:52]
  • Investing in families through home service businesses. [58:51]
  • Joe’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:01:53]


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