Jody Underhill is the founder of RapidHire, a director at Green Elephant Agency, the owner of Appointment Nerds, and the founder of Upside Down Iceberg. He is an accomplished social media strategist who worked with various marketing experts such as Russell Brunson, Josh Nelson, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher, and has helped over 150 businesses in the development of their marketing strategy.

In this episode, we talked about the right job ads, culture, the difference between hiring and recruiting…

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Show notes

  • Introducing Jody Underhill. [01:31]
  • More about Jody’s background. [03:09]
  • Hiring quality employees by posting job ads in the right places. [07:31]
  • The number 1 thing to hire people for. [10:38]
  • The hiring process, and what to consider if you’re looking for A players. [10:59]
  • Why it’s been difficult to hire. [13:29]
  • Defining culture, and how to achieve the right one. [16:05]
  • Jody’s view on leadership and how to cultivate it. [19:23]
  • The difference between recruiting and hiring. [22:58]
  • Hiring through Facebook and Instagram and how to do it right. [27:34]
  • Having a career page on your website. [31:52]
  • The A player profile, and how to find A players. [34:51]
  • How to retain people who are being paid less. [40:27]
  • Adapting to the new employee’s market to hire successfully. [45:03]
  • Communicating quickly with potential hires through texting. [45:59]
  • The importance of having a pipeline of people to hire. [49:14]
  • How to pre-qualify potential hires. [51:40]
  • Making ride along forms easy to fill out to increase conversions. [55:13]
  • Common mistakes to avoid when looking for talent to hire. [58:25]
  • About in-house recruitment and pushing accountability for it to be productive. [1:00:35]
  • About RapidHire and why it’s effective. [1:03:48]
  • More about RapidHire’s clients. [1:13:03]
  • Rapidhire’s special offer for podcast listeners. [1:14:40]
  • RapidHire’s culture and organizational structure, and how they value jobseekers. [1:19:26]
  • Three books on Jody’s reading list. [1:24:22]
  • Jody’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:27:24]

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