Jim Johnson is the Head Coach of ContractorCoachPRO, a full service coaching company for home service contractors. He has worked closely with over 1,500 contractors and coached 300+ more, and has seen just about every way of succeeding or failing as a contractor, from contractors doing less than $1 million in revenues to companies making over $100 million.

In this episode, we talked about contracting, leadership development, business consulting, team building…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jim Johnson. [1:30]
  • How Jim got started, and what he sees in the future of home service. [3:27]
  • The impact equation. [10:14]
  • More information about Jim’s roofing business, and why he decided to get out of it. [14:31]
  • Improving the way we train people by helping them understand the psychology and reasoning behind decisions. [18:45]
  • Pandemic-era lessons in the contractor world. [21:18]
  • How to get people to charge what they’re worth. [29:09]
  • The biggest difference between people doing less than $1 million in revenues and those making over $100 million. [35:12]
  • Encouraging people to do what they’re good at doing. [43:25]
  • Actionable steps for businesses that want to double their growth this year. [44:41]
  • Understanding the three different types of leaders. [49:03]
  • The advantages offered by technology, the different ways to use data, and other insights on marketing. [52:05]
  • Prioritization, and taking advantage of the action matrix. [57:45]
  • Helping a customer get over their objections on the price of your service. [1:01:55]
  • Applying the concept of “selling the pen.” [1:04:18]
  • How to get more information about Jim. [1:07:39]
  • Three books on Jim’s reading list. [1:09:20]
  • Jim’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:12:42]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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