Jeremy Tolan is the Partnerships Manager at Spark Hire. An expert at video interviews, recruitment, sales, marketing, and technology, he has helped hundreds of leading organizations successfully implement video interviewing in their recruitment processes. To date, over 6,000 organizations have used Spark Hire to interview millions of candidates across more than 100 countries.  

In this episode, we talked about video interviews, hiring, recruitment strategies…

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Show notes

  • Introducing Jeremy Tolan. [00:51]
  • More information about Jeremy. [02:25]
  • How to use the Spark Hire platform. [04:25]
  • The common hiring challenges that most businesses face. [07:00]
  • Different recruitment channels for a more effective hiring process. [11:36] 
  • Determining the right profiling questions for potential hires. [12:49]
  • How companies consider employee tenure when hiring.  [17:16] 
  • How to make the right employees stay with your organization.  [19:59] 
  • The importance of improving your company’s hiring turnaround time.  [22:09]
  • What Jeremy likes about Sparkhire. [26:33]
  • The noticeable characteristics of a good employee. [28:11]
  • How to show potential hires that you care during the interview. [31:44]
  • The advantages of sharing your company goals and objectives with employees. [33:36]
  • Objections to the video hiring process and tips to address them. [34:45]
  • What companies can do to improve on the follow up after the interview. [38:40]
  • Providing support to potential hires who are not tech-savvy. [42:15]
  • How candidates are getting used to video interviews. [43:52]
  • General hiring tips and tricks. [46:07]
  • Spark Hire client success stories that business owners can learn from. [49:35]
  • How to get more information about Jeremy. [51:15]
  • Two books on Jeremy’s reading list. [52:06]
  • How to get employed top candidates interested to apply at your organization. [55:02]
  • Jeremy’s most important piece of advice to entrepreneurs. [55:57]


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