Jason Shandy is the Director of Digital Marketing for Southern Air LLC, a company that aided in building his extensive background on digital marketing for large private equity-backed home service conglomerates. Over the years, he has demonstrated high level expertise on Search Engine Marketing in a variety of verticals across multiple markets. Johnny Wenzel is a marketing consultant at ServiceTitan, who’s passionate about saving contractors money on ads and helping them win.

In this episode, we talked about artificial intelligence, digital marketing, search engine optimization…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jason Shandy and Johnny Wenzel. [1:08]
  • Three benefits of implementing AI into your business. [15:23] 
  • The importance of data in structuring your marketing plan [19:02] 
  • Reasons why AI is disrupting the market today. [22:44]
  • The use of AI in predictive analysis and campaign managers. [26:29]
  • How to allocate PPC and LSA budgets for peak campaign performance [28:28]
  • Google on detecting and penalizing AI-generated content [31:49]
  • The dangers of on-going brand bias in search engine marketing [43:31]
  • The challenges of setting up AI tools in business processes [47:47]
  • Finding a balance between data science statistical analysis and AI [49:03]
  • How to get more information about Jason and Johnny. [51:25]
  • One book on Jason’s and Johnny’s reading list. [52:11]
  • Jason’s and Johnny’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [53:37]


Resources And People Mentioned:


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