Jason Buehler is the owner and founder of Buehler Air Conditioning, a Florida-based company. Across two decades of heating and cooling experience within the Jacksonville Beach community, Jason has serviced more than 5,000 customers and has an extensive knowledge of the HVAC industry.

In this episode, we talked about HVAC, customer relationships, energy efficiency, green building…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jason Buehler. [1:15]
  • How Jason got his start in the industry. [2:27]
  • More information and insights about the HVAC business, particularly in Florida. [5:17]
  • How important finance is in the tech world. [7:12]
  • How Jason finds good talent for his company. [8:04]
  • What businesses should be doing right now to grow, while everyone else is “asleep at the wheel.” [9:54]
  • The benefit of newsletters to Jason’s marketing within his community. [11:48]
  • Why service agreements are the main focus of Jason’s business. [13:20]
  • Effective selling strategies Jason and his team have learned. [15:04]
  • More about Instagram, and how Jason is able to create leads with social media. [18:24]
  • How to set a “good” marketing budget based on the percentage of revenue. [20:00]
  • What Jason is doing for reputation management. [20:35]
  • The various techniques and strategies Jason is employing to make the business grow. [22:39]
  • How co-op money works and how Jason is utilizing it. [25:09]
  • All about rebranding: How Jason went about it, and his advice for businesses planning to rebrand. [27:34]
  • More information about green building. [34:57]
  • How to balance the seasonality of the HVAC business. [37:15]
  • What a typical day in Jason’s life looks like. [38:45]
  • Jason’s working relationship with his general manager, and how they complement each other’s working styles. [41:24]
  • The best way to go about ads for talent acquisition. [42:37]
  • Jason’s take on top grading and the technician theory. [45:05]
  • The importance of having a custom desk dashboard, and what CRM Jason uses. [49:06]
  • Why business should always be about what’s best for everyone involved. [57:23]
  • Three books on Jason’s reading list. [58:24]
  • How to get more information about Jason. [59:17]
  • Jason’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:56]

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