Tommy Mello is the author of Home Service Millionaire and the founder of A1 Garage Doors, a $200 million-plus home service business with over 700 employees in 19 states. Through and the Home Service Expert podcast, Tommy shares his experience and insights to help fellow entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

In this special episode of the Home Service Expert podcast, Tommy answers your biggest questions about investment opportunities, leveraging manuals, loan management, growth strategies…

Show notes

  • Business wisdom from Gary Vaynerchuck. [03:28]
  • The truth about hiring, firing, and letting your ego get in the middle. [1:58]
  • Inventory management and taking out loans for business growth. [5:13]
  • Performance-based pay structures and review incentives for service providers. [8:08]
  • More business growth strategies and how to implement manuals. [12:21]
  • New construction and commercial work. [18:46]
  • The resilience of home service businesses during economic downturns. [22:03]
  • How to grow a home service business during challenging times. [24:52]
  • Meeting frequency and roleplaying tactics in sales. [29:04]
  • The truth behind SBA loans and debt management. [32:38]
  • Optimal pricing and effective hiring in business. [38:42]
  • How to start a business with limited funds. [41:11]
  • The effects of investing on team leadership and finance. [47:01]
  • Podcasting, sales conferences, and time management. [51:07]
  • Approaching taxes and debt in the business world. [57:27]
  • How to maintain steady financial wealth through diversification. [1:00:59]
  • The challenges of entrepreneurship and hard work required for success. [1:07:00]

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