Jaime DiDomenico is the President of Cool Today, and Chair Of The Board Of Directors of NexStar, a training company designed for home service businesses. In 2004, Jaime acquired 41-year old cooling company, N&M, and rebranded it into Cool Today. Since then, Cool Today has expanded into plumbing and electrical services, and has grown its business with two new additional brands: Energy Today and Plumbing Today. In this episode, we talked about service agreements, customer service, pricing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jaime DiDomenico. [00:30]
  • What Nexstar is, and what can home service business owners learn from it. [02:10]
  • How Jaime has been able to close 14,000 service agreements for Cool Today. [06:44]
  • The biggest problem why you’re not able to sell more service plans. [11:01]
  • Why building a relationship through customer service agreements is important for your business. [16:09]
  • How much bigger the average sale of Jaime’s membership customers are vs other customers’ spend. [19:59]
  • How service agreements can help you build up your technician apprenticeship program. [21:48]
  • Why hiring someone new to the industry is better than hiring someone experienced. [23:59]
  • Jaime talks about his thoughts on the e-commerce wave in the home service industry. [29:05]
  • How to tell the difference between overcharging and correct pricing. [37:03]
  • How much marketing is just the right amount. [44:05]
  • Jaime shares his top tips on how to effectively sell service agreements over the phone. [52:24]
  • The crucial KPIs to consider in evaluating your service agreements. [56:13]
  • One book on Jaime’s reading list. [58:44]
  • Jaime’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:34]
  • Where to get more information about Jaime. [1:01:12]

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