Jacob Meltzer is the owner and operator of Keep It Cut, a chain of men’s hair salons that specializes in offering Unlimited Haircut Memberships. Throughout his life, he has dedicated himself to student leadership development and property management and then transitioned to running his personal business full-time, showcasing his role as a serial entrepreneur.

In this episode, we talked about service industries, customer experiences, scaling strategies, memberships…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jacob Meltzer. [1:54]
  • The story behind starting a membership-based haircut business. [3:44]
  • How to approach affiliate marketing and referral programs. [9:01]
  • Hiring and retaining talented hairstylists in a fast-growing business. [12:18]
  • Aligning business goals with employee satisfaction. [16:56]
  • Barbershop business models and management strategies. [20:21]
  • More business growth strategies for hair salon industries. [23:57]
  • Funding new stores using crowdfunding methods. [27:44]
  • Raising capital for a business through real estate investment. [31:08]
  • Improving haircut booking experiences with technology. [35:06]
  • Recruiting, reviews, and training for a hair salon. [41:18]
  • How to effectively scale up a hair salon business. [47:33]
  • The most common challenges in the service industry. [50:30]
  • The right time to consider franchising and market expansions. [54:57]
  • Two books on Jacob’s reading list. [56:27]
  • How to get more information about Jacob. [1:04:20]
  • Jacob’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:05:25]

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