Jack Huntress spent the bulk of his career in environmental sciences. He co-founded PARCEL, a property due diligence reporting company, which gave him great insight into real estate and property management. He also established HomeBinder, an electronic records management system that leverages home inspectors to deliver property specific alerts, ongoing support, and recommendations to new homeowners to reduce headaches. 

In this episode, we talked about environmental science, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, business development…

Show notes

  • Introducing Jack Huntress. [1:37]
  • More information on Jack and HomeBinder. [3:28]
  • Jack’s go-to market strategy for HomeBinder. [5:26]
  • How HomeBinder works. [9:18]
  • How they manage all customer data, and the safeguards in place to protect the customer. [10:58]
  • The biggest objections that home service companies have about HomeBinder. [13:27]
  • The interesting things Jack has learned about business ownership throughout the years. [15:55]
  • The nuances and complexities of keeping track of everything your home needs—and the niche that HomeBinder fills. [18:19]
  • How pros can become part of HomeBinder. [21:56]
  • How to get people to consistently update their information in HomeBinder. [25:10]
  • What the metrics say about HomeBinder user behavior. [27:45]
  • The important role home inspectors play in this business. [29:25]
  • The things that define a great contractor. [33:11]
  • Jack’s vision of where the industry will go in the next 10 years. [38:24]
  • Jack’s background in environmental science, and how it influenced his mindset and approach when it comes to starting a business. [44:14]
  • The one thing that truly happy people possess. [47:59]
  • The idea of leaving a legacy behind, and what retirement looks like for Jack. [50:42]
  • Some tips home service providers could follow to improve customer service and grow their businesses. [53:12]
  • Three books on Jack’s reading list. [54:41]
  • How to get more information about Jack. [57:07]
  • Jack’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [58:02]

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