In this special episode, we brought together Al Levi, Gianni Cara, Joe Crisara, and Joshua Latimer to share their take and expert advice on how home service entrepreneurs can manage and grow their business in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Al Levi is considered a guru when it comes to small business and organizations. A master at making manuals, he is the bestselling author of The Seven Power Contractor.

Gianni Cara is the man behind the scenes on the Home Service Millionaire podcast. He runs his own business all the way from Italy.

Joe Crisara is a sales trainer who helps companies understand how to close more deals, make more money and improve their business growth

Josh Latimer is the brains behind AutomateGrowSell, an online trading platform that caters to numerous small local, service-based businesses. 

In this episode, we talked about the coronavirus, business continuity, crisis management, spotting opportunities, customer relationships…

Show notes

  • Introducing Al Levi. [2:00]
  • Al’s thoughts on the coronavirus so far. [3:37]
  • The right way to discuss the coronavirus with your employees, and some practical advice on which health tips to follow. [10:37]
  • What you should be prioritizing at this time. [12:22]
  • Why you shouldn’t stop advertising during this crisis. [16:17]
  • What investing opportunities to look out for. [17:53]
  • Al’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [22:39]
  • What to do to prepare for crises such as this. [23:32]
  • Introducing Gianni Cara, and the current status of Italy with regard to the coronavirus. [25:13]
  • Gianni’s thoughts on getting in front of this pandemic, and how it will affect the world economy. [28:00]
  • The current state of Italy, and what the future looks like as far as the coronavirus is concerned. [32:12]
  • How to drive business and lead your team in this moment of panic and uncertainty, and which quick decisions and actions should be evaluated first. [34:57]
  • Introducing Joe Crisara. [37:24]
  • How quickly the coronavirus problem will blow over, what’s going to happen here in the interim, and its potential impact. [38:49]
  • Why those who quit advertising at this time are less likely to succeed. [41:23]
  • How Joe sees the near future at this point in time. [42:21]
  • What you should be preparing for when the dust settles. [45:27]
  • How to spot opportunities in the face of this health crisis. [48:45]
  • Joe’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [52:59]
  • Introducing Joshua Latimer. [57:41]
  • How you can shift your mindset to see opportunities even during times of crises. [58:44]

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