Howard is the Executive Vice President and Director of Training and Operations of Ziglar, Inc,  coaching businesses from 52 different industries from 9 different countries. He’s also the author of The Power of Community, and many other books that help small business owners build phenomenal companies. In this episode, we talked about leadership, hiring, sales…

Show notes

  • Introducing Howard Partridge. [00:36]
  • The biggest influences on Howard’s perspective on leadership and management, and what he learned from them. [05:06]
  • The two things that attract the right people.[08:20]
  • Why money isn’t the most important thing for employees. [08:37]
  • Howard reveals the ultimate leadership secret. [09:49]
  • Howard’s approach to hiring. [11:30]
  • How business owners can identify the right person for their team. [12:20]
  • Why you should hire even before you need people. [14:00]
  • The one reason why some performers stop performing. [14:36]
  • Howard’s take on having a personal assistant. [18:23]
  • The one and only reason why your business exists. [23:24]
  • The three things you need to have a phenomenally successful business. [24:30]
  • What accountability should mean to business leaders. [30:18]
  • How to get your employees to care about your business. [32:40]
  • Why you should implement a pod session, and what’s the best way to implement this across your company. [34:40]
  • Why you should incorporate gamification in your systems. [45:36]
  • What leaders need to do to wow their customers and make better profits. [49:16]
  • The importance of coaching and mentorship to become better leaders. [53:04]
  • What Howard looks for when hiring an employee. [1:01:11]
  • The first question Howard asks an applicant during an interview. [1:02:17]
  • How to bring in consistent revenues month in, month out by providing value to people even before they’re your customers. [1:04:45]
  • The two questions you need to ask yourself when starting to build your referral network. [1:06:39]
  • The top three books on Howard’s list. [1:12:23]
  • Where to get more information on The Power of Community, as well as free resources to help you transform your culture. [1:13:28]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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