In this special episode of the Home Service Expert, Tommy is interviewed by Home Service Expert’s Coach, Kenyon Curtis. about Tommy’s new book, “The Home Service Millionaire.” In this episode, we talked about marketing, systems, leadership…

Show notes

  • The reason why Tommy wrote “Home Service Millionaire.” [00:56]
  • How long it took Tommy to figure things out in business. [02:27]
  • Tommy’s biggest business challenge, and how he was able to overcome it. [04:08]
  • The turning point in Tommy’s journey as a home service entrepreneur. [06:22]
  • Why Tommy encourages everyone to help their competitors. [11:13]
  • The type of entrepreneur whom Tommy wrote this book for. [14:32]
  • Tommy talks about a few of the many renowned business personalities who contributed to the book. [16:58]
  • The one message Tommy wants readers to take away from the book. [19:42]
  • Tommy opens up about the time when he almost quit his business, and what changed his mind. [25:12]
  • How business owners can work smarter instead of harder. [28:01]
  • Where to get more information about Home Service Millionaire. [36:10]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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