Gary is a proven business leader and marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience as CEO for many public and private companies. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Money Mailer, a formidable leader in the U.S. direct marketing industry. In this episode, we talked about leadership, direct marketing, outsourcing, as well as embracing technology…

Show Notes

  • How Gary’s leadership experiences helped shape who he is today. [01:12]
  • The one advice that Gary kept remembering himself during his early years as an executive. [03:15]
  • Why coupons are still an effective marketing tool in today’s digital age. [06:00]
  • The surprising gap between Direct mail response rates vs digital methods’ response rates. [07:06]
  • The makings of a killer ad: Gary’s advice to home service business owners. [09:17]
  • Why tracking the digital results of your print ad campaigns is crucial to your business. [10:49]
  • Using a problem as an effective method to engage your customers in conversation. [14:00]
  • How to harness direct response advertising vs other types of advertising. [16:03]
  • The role of local franchises in building trust in new markets. [22:23]
  • Gary shares their proven approach to integrating their offline and online strategies. [26:27]
  • The critical issue that home service business owners should consider before jumping into digital. [30:04]
  • Gary’s tip on how to avoid companies who track your data from misleading you. [33:37]
  • Why the ability to track and understand your own data is important for business success. [34:01]
  • Gary enumerates the ways home service businesses can use data to grow their business. [38:05]
  • When to outsource vs when to do things in-house. [42:09]
  • The common mistake that businesses make when assessing their own strengths. [42:45]
  • Gary’s one piece of advice to home service businesses. [46:20]

Resources And People Mentioned

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