Frank DiMarco is the Chief Executive Officer of Service Champions Group. Prior to taking over the company, he was Service Champions’ Chief Operating Officer from 2018 and brings over 30 years of operational experience in the home services industry, including serving as Vice President of Operations with Horizons Services and Regional Manager with Goodman. Over the years, he has brought foresight, integrity, and tenacity in delivering customers the absolute best home service experience.

In this episode, we talked about growth strategies, operations, business acquisition…

Show notes

  • Introducing Frank DiMarco. [2:20]
  • The story behind Frank’s growth in the home service industry. [4:46]
  • Frank’s experiences and setbacks during his time with Horizon. [8:25]
  • Running a successful business in a challenging environment. [13:11]
  • The different management styles between the two industry giants.[17:16]
  • Leland Smithand Dave Geiger’s approach to business operations. [21:38]
  • Navigating acquisitions and risk management. [26:07]
  • Buying businesses and learning how to integrate. [29:02]
  • Growth strategies to implement in newly acquired companies. [34:25]
  • Steps to slowly and steadily integrate businesses. [40:24]
  • Rebuilding marketing campaigns for newly acquired companies. [42:20]
  • How to implement data-driven decision-making. [47:25]
  • Two books on Frank’s reading list. [53:45]
  • How to get more information about Frank. [56:10]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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