Ellen Rohr is the President of Zoom Drain, LLC.  She is an expert on organizing your business and franchising, specializing in accounting. Ellen is a successful franchisor, helping launch a plumbing franchise to 47 locations and $40 million in sales in under 2 years.

In this episode, we talked about accounting, motivating employees, franchising…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ellen Rohr. [1:06]
  • What Ellen has been up to recently. [1:46]
  • How to get over the difficulties of looking at a balance sheet. [3:26]
  • Ellen’s thoughts on “housekeeping” and handling inventory. [10:27]
  • The “known financial position” and the financial quick check. [16:47]
  • Growing your business assets and navigating through the sometimes-confusing jargon of accounting. [20:30]
  • Coming up with correct pricing and compensation programs to motivate people. [28:13]
  • Understanding the difference between gross profit and gross margin, and why you need to pay attention to both. [32:12]
  • How to contact Ellen. [35:50]
  • The advantage of switching over to a flat rate. [38:00]
  • The concept of “counting the loaves, not the pieces of bread” and the importance of open book management. [42:50]
  • Ellen’s insights on what really defines the success rate of a franchise or franchisee. [54:47]
  • One book on Ellen’s reading list. [1:07:20]
  • Ellen’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:09:04]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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