Ellen is a successful franchisor, helping launch a plumbing franchise to 47 locations and $40 million in sales in under 2 years.  Recently, Ellen and her partners launched ZOOM DRAIN Franchise Company, LLC, an exciting and unique franchise opportunity, currently in 8 locations.  

Show Notes

  • Introducing Ellen Rohr. [00:36]
  • Ellen talks about being “called out to do better”. [04:04]
  • How Ellen started in the “dirty jobs”. [05:14]
  • How to trust the people who work for you to make the right decisions. [07:45]
  • The story of how Zoom Drain started their franchising strategy on people with no experience.
  • The unsexy secret behind Zoom Drain’s growth model. [11:00]
  • Frank Blau’s message to Ellen when she was struggling with her business. [13:50]
  • Ellen talks about how to change your circumstances when you can’t change the people around you. [17:16]
  • How Ellen found her own way in business. [19:34]
  • The power of having clarity in life and business. [20:57]
  • What Ellen learned from the ride-along and listening to her team. [25:48]
  • The biggest importance of setting up procedures and determining what’s good enough for your business. [29:50]
  • How Zoom Drain’s successful franchising model relied on it being a niche business. [33:00]
  • One way businesses can set their team up for success and career growth.  [36:10]
  • How Ellen used DISC Testing to work better with her partner, Al Levi. [40:55]
  • Taking advantage of each team member’s strength. [45:13]
  • The importance of finding out what your team members want. [48:15]
  • Turning CAN’T into a challenge and motivation. [49:53]
  • Why working on your weaknesses is a mistake. [53:35]
  • The most important KPIs – the numbers you should know in business. [56:35]
  • A sales tactic that will determine how well you can close a customer. [59:06]

Resources And People Mentioned

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