Doriane Mouret is the VP of Marketing at Jobox, a software company that provides home service marketplaces with an AI infrastructure to directly connect their customers with home service pros. As an experienced leader and entrepreneur, Doriane understands the challenges that come with starting and managing your own business. Today, Doriane helps home service pros overcome the challenges they face when scaling their business and building their careers by embracing technology.

In this episode, we talked about social media, digital marketing, influencer marketing, market research, and AI…

Show notes

  • Introducing Doriane Mouret. [01:19]
  • What does as a company. [02:13]
  • The process of lead generation. [12:26]
  • Doriane’s thoughts on the current pricing of leads. [16:16]
  • How Doriane got to her position. [22:39]
  • Thoughts on influencer marketing. [31:44]
  • Why it’s more difficult to start your business today. [34:26]
  • Common marketing mistakes and problems home service business owners encounter. [36:55]
  • How to avoid losing customers while bringing more customers in. [43:56]
  • The acquisition and retention cost for your customers. [45:02]
  • Resources for people interested to learn more about marketing. [48:43]
  • How AI is becoming a game-changer in the home service industry. [50:50]
  • One book on Doriane’s reading list. [01:02:19]
  • Doriane’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [01:06:32]


Resources And People Mentioned:


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