Dean Graziosi is the co-founder of He is a professional speaker, host of the “Own YOUR Future Podcast,” and the New York Times bestselling author of “Millionaire Success Habits” and “The Underdog Advantage.”

In this episode, we talked about work-life balance, product strategies, marketing initiatives…

Show notes

  • Introducing Dean Graziosi. [1:58]
  • Success stories and motivational factors. [7:56]
  • Tommy talks about prioritizing family and work-life balance. [15:08]
  • Personal productivity system, non-negotiables, and task delegation. [21:19]
  • Self-education and turning life experiences into courses. [25:29]
  • Creating a course to help hair extension clients. [29:28]
  • Arbitrage opportunities in the context of swelling fitness products. [32:51]
  • Tommy talks about experience with car sales. [35:34]
  • The importance of resilience and values in entrepreneurship. [38:48]
  • Insights on limiting beliefs and living your best in your 40s. [48:21]
  • Sales techniques, marketing plans, and product passion. [51:36]
  • How to generate more leads and sales. [55:46]
  • Why you should focus on understanding clients’ needs and emotions. [59:53]
  • Storytelling and comedy with a focus on exit points and visualization. [1:03:07]
  • Career mindset and entrepreneurship. [1:06:45]
  • Finding a mentor with real depth and breadth in business. [1:10:29]
  • How to get more information about Dean. [1:14:59]

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