Daymond John is an American businessman, investor, television personality, and hip-hop fashion designer. He is best known as the founder and CEO of FUBU, a global lifestyle brand. He is also widely recognized for his hit ABC reality TV series Shark Tank and as the CEO of The Shark Group.

In this episode, we talked about investment opportunities, profitable deals, bartering…

Show notes

  • Introducing Daymond John. [2:21]
  • The story behind why Daymond chose the entrepreneurial path over music. [3:53]
  • The risks of financial stress and the difficulty of balancing work and family life. [5:44]
  • Bartering deals, partnerships, and triangulation in business. [10:52]
  • Shark Tank’s selection process and high-stakes pitching. [13:38]
  • The criteria for potential entrepreneurs appearing on Shark Tank. [18:32]
  • How connections can help you adjust business strategies. [22:33]
  • The different Shark Tank investments and personalities. [24:51]
  • Daymond talks about fame, privacy, and success. [27:55]
  • Securing more rapid investments from new deals. [31:21]
  • What differentiates a great entrepreneur from a good one. [35:04]
  • How philanthropy and community building can help your business. [38:34]
  • What Rise Nation and Mastermind offer to entrepreneurs. [43:23]
  • Daymond’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [49:20]

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