Davis Nguyen is the founder of My Consulting Offer, an institution that provides invaluable assistance to over 400 people when it comes to getting started in management consulting. He has headed a collection of people from engineering, marketing, and production. One of his most remarkable achievements was when he helped a biotech company identify over 100 million dollars’ worth of cost saving opportunities.

In this episode, we talked about time management, public speaking, leadership marketing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Davis Nguyen. [1:15]
  • What the net promoter score (NPS) is and why it’s important. [5:35]
  • The important things to understand about private equity. [10:16]
  • The differences between venture capitalists, private equity, and incubators. [13:20] 
  • The benefits of franchising versus licensing versus doing an initial public offering. [18:13]
  • The pros and cons of doing an IPO. [21:49]
  • How Davis managed to bounce back from serious health issues that caused him to rack up a ton of medical bills. [25:46]
  • Techniques for optimizing one’s workday and achieving maximum efficiency. [29:37]
  • The most important lesson Davis learned from working 60 to 80 hours a week. [33:43]
  • Davis shares his most effective tips for time management. [36:53]
  • How one can start to build operational systems and processes to make sure that the system dictates the output instead of the people. [40:38]
  • How Davis helped a biotech company identify $100 billion in cost savings opportunities. [46:25]
  • Some quick tips for listeners to follow in order to find opportunities to reduce costs and grow their bottom line. [51:16]
  • The best strategies for delegating properly. [55:25]
  • Davis’ take on creating money in arbitrage. [59:47]
  • Three books on Davis’ reading list. [1:03:30]
  • Davis’ most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:06:38]


Resources And People Mentioned:


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